Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

Many times, small businesses try to perform their own bookkeeping, thinking this will save them money.  However, quite often the accountant or tax preparer has so many questions that the work has to be done over.  Regrettably, the intended savings can end up costing the business owner not only more money, but lost time.

The other option is for you to have a professional who understands your needs.  Focus your time and energy on building your business and your profits; let me focus on your bookkeeping.


Wouldn't it be cheaper to just hire an employee to do my bookkeeping?

While it may initially sound less expensive to hire an employee, don't forget about some other key factors.  First of all, you, as the employer, have to match your employees Social Security and Medicare withholdings.  In addition, you have to pay federal and state unemployment for that employee.  That's just payroll, don't forget about worker's compensation insurance, benefits, as well as purchasing the tools they'll need, such as a computer, printer, software and supplies.  All of these add up quickly. 


Who do I contact for my bookkeeping and payroll needs?

Precise Books and Payroll is owned/operated by Kristina Terrill.  After receiving an Accounting Degree in 2007, I went on to work for a local tax preparer for three years.  My goal is to exceed your expectations providing you with friendly, accurate and fast service while maintaining complete confidentiality.  Best of all, leaving you more time to concentrate on what you do best, running and managing your own business.