• Weekly, Semi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly, & Monthly Payroll Processing
  • Check Printing and Direct Depositing for a small fee
  • Semi-Weekly and Monthly Federal and State Tax Deposits

With every pay period, clients will receive:

  • Payroll Checks or Check Stubs to write own checks
  • Detailed Employee Earnings Ledger
  • Tax Filing Information
  • Notification of all Deposits and Due Dates

Each quarter you will receive the following:

  • 941 Quarterly Return
  • State Unemployment Return (Indiana)
  • State Quarterly Wage Return (Indiana)
  • Federal Unemployment Deposits
  • Local Tax Requirements

Once a year you will receive the following:

  • Employee W-2's
  • Electronic Filing of Employers W-2's
  • 940 Federal Unemployment Return

Additional help with:

  • Maintaining updated W-4 forms
  • Complete tracking of employee time off: Sick time, vacation, paid and unpaid family leave, etc.
  • Correctly reflect employee bonuses and pay increase.                                                               

Simply e-mail, fax or call employee's total hours worked or salary amounts to Precise Books and Payroll.  You will have the option to either have a copy of the check stub sent back to you so you can write the checks yourself, have Precise Books and Payroll print checks or you can have employee wages direct deposited for a small fee.  Each payroll period you will receive your company's tax liabilities showing the due dates and amounts due.  Along with tax information, you will also receive a payroll journal, listing the deductions for your records.